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Crowdbeamer Go is a unique presentation system, bringing the benefits of real-time presentation sharing to both you and your audience – anywhere you want. No longer projecting your presentation onto the wall, it delivers up-to-the-minute handouts directly to all portable devices of your audience.

Crowdbeamer Go supports up to 25 client devices, but can be extended with client packs to support a maximum of 75 client devices.

Crowdbeamer Go is flexible, mobile and works without an internet connection. Just connect any presentation device that has an HDMI or VGA output to crowdbeamer, and start sharing any type of content (including video) to engage your audience.


To get an extensive description of technical specifications, download the crowdbeamer product sheet.

crowdbeamer device in hand

Additional information

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 145 × 101 × 43 mm

Inside the box

Any crowdbeamer device is shipped with

  • a power supply,
  • a Quick Start Guide, getting you up and running in no time,
  • a unique code to activate the device, extend your warranty period to 2 years and get access to free firmware updates during that extended warranty period.


The crowdbeamer Quick Start Guide will get you up and running in no time, explaining

  • how to connect your laptop, tablet or smartphone to crowdbeamer,
  • how to connect to your room display,
  • how to share the display of your presentation device with your audience.

For more advanced configuration questions, our resellers will be happy to provide you with more information. You can also get in touch with our support team regarding any technical questions that you have.


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